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VARAHA TRUST is a registered charitable trust under the trust act of govt of Tamil Nadu, Permenant registration No: 85/ IV /2015, Dated : 22.05.2015. The trust is managed by a board of trustees consisting of three members are secretary,managing trustee and financial trustee who has involved in many social activities giving their hands to the needy.This journey has just began and yet to share more when our thoughts become into an action.

Objects of Trust

🔘 To provide basic Education, Skill training, to Establish Vocational and Technical training institutions to impart training to the educated unemployed with a view to equipping them with knowledge in useful skill to improve their Employment opportunities particularly among women.
🔘 To initiate environment related activities like Tree Plantation, Waste Land Development, Herbs and Medicinal Plants cultivation.
🔘 To establish nursery, primary, High Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics, Teacher Training centre, Research Centres, Homes, Social Welfare Centre, Youth Centres, Counseling and Guidance Centres, Rehabilitation Centres to Promote academic, scientific, technical and human resource development of different categories of people.
🔘 To promote Green Clubs in all Schools and Colleges and create awareness among the students about environmental and ecology related issues and activities.
🔘 To Provide financial assistance and loans to start small and cottage industries, agricultural development, self- development, Self- employment programs and any other income generating programs especially in rural, urban, tribal and slum by forming women Self Help Groups.
🔘 To actively promote ecology protection like soil conservation, prevention of soil erosion and afforestration.
🔘 To eradicate social evils and perform works of relief and rehabilitation work for those who are in need irrespective of race, caste, religion, community or creed.
🔘 To undertake social, cultural, education, environmental, sports and general welfare activities.

🔘 To promote and run special and programmes for children, students, women, urban and rural people, youth, farmers and farm laborers, factory workers, in harmony with the objects of the Trust.
🔘 To start health related programmes among the people and to create awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS, provide counseling and cancer, Leprosy, T.B, Asthma, Diabetes and other chronicle diseases to indulge in research activities on health problems.
🔘 To establish and run an online web school conducting courses over email providing on line instruction to student.
🔘 To construct Working Women Hostel, Day Care Centre, Old Age Homes with grants and or aids from State and Central Governments or from other donor agencies.
🔘 To make contributions, assistance, donations, family assistance, residence/rent to any individual, trust or organization to meet the specific need to the specific target groups like students, poor, handicapped, aged persons, orphans, refugees and victims of civil disturbances, unemployed and slum children, s Living with HIV/AIDS, people affected by natural calamity, epidemic, contagious diseases and needy.
🔘 To provide a common forum for Socio- Economic, Political and Legal advancement of people particularly among Women.
🔘 To teach and train the people in health and hygiene, teaching and training materials print and provide its literature and develop the holistic developments of all categories of people.
🔘 To assist women to attain self confidence, self reliance and to promote voluntary action among them.

🔘 To promote the development of physical, intellectual, economic and social welfare of the needy, poor and rural/urban/tribal community.
🔘 To prepare women to undertake responsibilities of Socio-Economic Development and help them to develop leadership qualities to undertake development activities.
🔘 To promote undertake and implement animal welfare activities and take care in shelter for them.
🔘 To promote, undertake and implement development programme in the field education, health and family welfare, social welfare, small scale and cottage industries, agriculture and animal husbandry, cooperative development, rural development, Total Sanitation and self employment programs alone or in collaboration with Government of India, State government, Indian and International voluntary Organization / Agencies/industries
🔘 To setting up social media like community radio for creating all kind of social awareness and it�s activities for the rural people through Media (FM radio) in future.
🔘 To involve in a meaningful manner in national issues, such as child labour, Population control, human rights, dowry, gender disparity, atrocities against Dalits, fair return for agricultural Produce. etc., in order to highlight the views of the grass-root level workers.
🔘 To seek the collaboration and co-operation of other Non-Governmental or Governmental agencies, international agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO Etc.,) charitable institutions and other voluntary donors.